Our Team

Our team is formed by a group of experienced clinical psychologists and counselors who are expert in a variety of mental health related conditions. They have vast clinical experiences in child and adult mental health, assessment and diagnosis, treatment for conditions like depression and anxiety, psychotherapy, couple and family therapy and so on. They also work closely with a reputable consultant psychiatrist from a partnering psychiatric clinic should the clients want to seek for medical advices and prescriptions.

Mr Alvin Tan Kuan Sean – B. Psych (HONS), M. ClinPsych
Ms Athena Siew Yi Ting – B. Psych (HONS), M. ClinPsych
Ms Capriole Tsee Wai Choy – B. Psych (HONS), M. ClinPsych
Mr Chong Joo Chien (JC) – B. Psych (HONS), M. ClinPsych
Ms Sam Jeng Mun – B. Psych (HONS), M. ClinPsych
Ms Leong Mei San (K.B., P.A.) – B. Psych (HONS), M. Counselling
Mr Charlie Wong – B. Psych (HONS), M. Counselling
Behavioral Therapist
Ms Sitra Panirsheeluam – MBPsS

* A referral will be made to the psychiatrist should the clients want to seek for medical advices and prescriptions. With the clients’ permission, the assigned psychologist will discuss the assessment findings with the psychiatrist in order to provide a comprehensive picture that sensitively caters to the clients’ condition when it comes to medical prescriptions. The assigned psychologist may also maintain a collaborative therapeutic relationship with the clients to help them tapper off the medication eventually.